12 March2017 IPS Community Note

Dear IPS Community,


What a great week last week!  Starting with a Making the PYP Happen Workshop; followed by a very positive IB Diploma Verification Visit; a mini-workshop in Arabic on Making the PYP Happen; a HUGE group of new families for admission assessments; and ending with an Entrepreneurs Exposition (thank you, G1), Readers’ Theater (thank you, G2), KG 100 Days of School Celebration, and Tribes activities across the school - what a wonderful week to be a part of IPS!


As our program continues to grow and improve, we are very happy to share the progress of the IPS New School Building Project - if you click on “last modified” you’ll be able to organize this in chronological order.  While a move-in date has yet to be established, ALL of us can see the rapid progress!  These are exciting times to be a part of IPS - thank you for being with us this year!


This is our last week of club activities for Trimester 2. On Sunday, 26 March, a Google Form for Club Registration for Trimester 3 Clubs and Activities will be shared. Please be sure your email is up to date with IPS’ office staff so you receive the message and can sign your child(ren) up for clubs for Trimester 3.


We are rapidly approaching our Term Break and, in advance, we thank ALL families for using the school calendar to plan holidays.  The last couple weeks of any Term are very busy with summative assessments.  In order to properly understand how well children are doing, it is VERY important for them to be IN school and on time!! Thank you for your help with this.


All students WILL want to stay late on Thursday, March 16 from 3-5pm AND be in school on Thursday, March 30!  Student Council has been planning our Annual Walk-a-Thon [please join your children at 3pm!] for the Heart Association (Thursday, 16 March) AND a Celebration of Learning (Thursday, 30 March).  Thank you for your support of these student initiatives.  These WILL BE fun and exciting events ORGANIZED BY OUR STUDENT COUNCIL!


We have recently shifted some days in our Current Year Calendar (2016-17) in an effort to allow children and families the time they need to prepare for the end of Ramadan.  At the same time, we have finalized the Next Year Calendar (2017-18).  Both of these calendars are now on our website for your use; with the following important highlights:

·  For the end of THIS school year (all utilizing Ramadan Timings for students 9:30-2:00) -

o Final day for Students will be Thursday, June 15 (moved from June 21).

o Electronic ‘end of year’ reports will be sent to families on June 20.

o IPS Offices will be closed from June 22 through June 29 for the end of Ramadan & Eid Al Fitr.

o IPS Offices will re-open with Summer Hours on Sunday, July 2.

o Paper reports, for those who need these, will be available in the first couple weeks of July.

·  For the beginning of NEXT school year

o Classes begin for ALL students on Sunday, September 17

Finally, as April comes to a close, IPS will host a unique event in collaboration with Google and BRAMS.  We will host a Student-Teacher Google Bootcamp!  This will be the first of its kind in the world - EVER!  There are TONS of activities happening here at IPS.  We hope everyone has discovered the new calendar feature on our website - we hope this will help EVERYONE stay in touch with the many events here at YOUR school.  Thank you for being with us this year.



IPS Administration