Early Childhood

Spring Performance

Kindergarten is an exciting and busy time for students at IPS. Students are enthusiastically engaged in activities and projects that help them explore their world. They may be seen building cities with blocks, experimenting with instruments and making their own music, or setting up shops to sell their special creations.


The Kindergarten program addresses the social, physical, and emotional needs of each child. A positive self-image is essential for all children. Helping children feel confident about themselves and their ideas, as well as their abilities, is central to our beliefs.

The Kindergarten program emphasizes:

  • A teaching approach integrating all core content areas

  • Language development focused on developmentally appropriate listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities

  • Independent reading of predictable texts

  • Writing about personal experiences

  • Phonics and phonological awareness

  • An understanding of basic math concepts through manipulating, counting, and sorting

  • A hands-on approach to science and social studies

  • Specialized learning that includes Computers, Arabic, Art, Library, Music, and Physical Education

  • Use of technology and multi-media project

IPS displays and values children’s work and encourages children to take pride in their work. Respect for the uniqueness of each child is central to the Kindergarten Program,based on the awareness that each child's developmental level and learning styles are recognized and accommodated. Kindergarten children are taught concepts and skills that prepare them for entering Grade 1.

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