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International Day

At IPS, the Grades 1-6 curriculum follows the approach and philosophy of North American schools around the world. National standards are followed in all curriculum areas (example: National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics). Grade-level expectations are the same as in the United States, although slight variations may occur.

As of June 2016, IPS is an IB-PYP candidate school. K-6th grade curriculum focuses on 6 transdisciplinary units throughout the school year. Students learn through integrated units of inquiry and make connections to key concepts that help them to understand their learning. The integrated subjects include: language arts (reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and handwriting), mathematics, social studies,  science, and ICT. Integrated subjects are taught within an 8-period day; Arabic is scheduled daily and other specials are offered once or twice a week.

Teachers use a large variety of instructional methods to meet the various learning styles of all students. Hands-on experiences and use of multi-media projects make learning relevant to real-life situations. Innovative strategies and resources are used to prepare students to function as competent, successful members in a technologically advanced society..

IPS is very aware of the effects of transition on new students. At the beginning of each year, when a new child is accepted into the school, activities are incorporated which help each class gel as a cohesive unit – working, learning, and playing together.

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