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Athletics are team sports with scheduled practices and competitions versus other local schools. ES is grades 4-6, Junior Varsity maybe grades 6-8 and Varsity is 9-12.

Fees attached for participation will be determined and shared by the coaches.


Interscholastic athletics are an integral part of the educational process at International Programs School. IPS’ aim is to develop a competitive athletic program yet not lose sight of educational values such as fair play, sportsmanship, teamwork, principles, health, and scholastic achievement.

Athletics should be a broadening experience in which mind - body harmony is created while aspiring to attain physical and mental excellence. It is the nature of athletic competition to strive for victory however victory is only one criterion when determining the success of a season or student-athlete. Guiding IPS Falcon athletes to fulfill their maximum potential is the ultimate goal. Participation in athletics enables student-athletes to prepare their minds and bodies to be thinkers, problem-solvers, and caring risk-takers who are modest in victory and gracious in defeat.






Varsity & JV Volleyball

Varsity Volleyball


Varsity, JV, & U12 Football

U16 Football


Varsity, JV, & U12 Basketball

Varsity & JV Basketball / U14 Football

Students sign up when the interest form is posted for that season. There may be a mandatory try-out. Coaches contact parents regarding practice/game schedules. Athletic seasons may run beyond each trimester and/or in between. Please be aware practices/competitions can continue when clubs are finished.


Athletics offered at IPS is based on student interest. This is the tentative outline of teams that may be offered.

JV Boys Volleyball                                              JV Girls Volleyball  
Varsity Boys Volleyball                                        Varsity Girls Volleyball  
U12 Boys Football  
JV Boys Football                                                 JV Girls Football 
Varsity Boys Football                                           Varsity Girls Football 
JV Boys Basketball                                             JV Girls Basketball 
Varsity  Boys Basketball                                      Varsity Girls Basketball  
U12 Boys Basketball
Badminton Mixed  Tennis Mixed

Table Tennis Mixed X-Country Mixed


Link to Student-Athlete Handbook (in progress)


Clubs are teacher hosted activities held from 2:50-3:50 pm, directly after the regular school day. Club days are typically Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Students are encouraged to participate in IPS’ clubs, which are offered to boys, girls, or a mix of both. Offered in 3 sessions in 2017, club selection may change each session.

Club sign ups are through a Google form shared before each session begins (In Progress). Sign ups for 1-3 will be a different form than sign ups for 4-12. Check the anticipated club session and sign-up dates listed below.

Clubs may be limited by grade level and canceled due to lack of student interest.  Example: MUN may be grades 10-12, cooking may be 4-6.

Basic Timeline for Clubs



Club Running Dates

Deadline for Sign-ups

1st Session

Sept. 24th - Nov. 23rd

Sept. 22nd

2nd Session

Dec. 3rd - Feb. 22nd

Nov. 30th

3rd Session

Mar. 4th - May 10th

Mar. 1st


Club descriptions


Pictures of different club and sports