Specialist Subjects

Yousef Abuisa G12 Art Project

Alongside the core curriculum, IPS offers a number of specialist subjects. These include:

  • Art: in the Elementary School, Art includes practice in the elements of art and artistic design, intertwined with art history. Units focus on particular artists and periods, and emphasize art appreciation. In the Middle and High School, Art classes are structured around styles and movements of art, and students develop skills as artists in their own right.

  • Physical Education: Health and Physical Education is offered to all students through high school, and includes both individual skill development and team sport activities.

  • Languages: Arabic starts at the Elementary School level, with students taking one period of Arabic language daily. Students are placed into Arabic A or Arabic B at the discretion of the language teacher.  In Middle School and High School, students also have the option to choose French.

  • Computer Studies: this subject , taught grades KG through 8, is a sequential and organized curriculum that includes both hardware and software strands, as well as keyboarding skill development and internet components. Programming is offered as an elective on grades 11 and 12.


  • Other high school specialist subjects include Yearbook, Writing/ Journalism, Storytelling/ Writing, and Sports Journalism.