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Feb 24 - Feb 28, 2019 IPS Falcon Week

Published: February 24, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Falcon Week will be February 24th through February 28th. We are focusing this week on furthering the student’s health education, getting them physically active, and continuing to build a sense of community within the school.

  • Each day is themed with a fun and healthy way to dress.
  • Please note that students not participating in the days given attire will need to wear their IPS uniform.  
  • We will also start each day, except Tuesday and Thursday, with some exercise and a healthy thought.
  • It is very important that all students wear tennis shoes and participate on Wednesday.

 Below is an agenda for the week.


  • Students and staff will wear baseball caps
  • Boys will start the day with Tae-bo
  • Girls will start the day with Zumba
  • Healthy thought for the day
  • Students also have the opportunity to earn tickets to participate in the Pep rally events for good behavior all week.
  • All week, students can earn tickets to vote for which staff member they want to see pied in the face.


  • Students and staff will wear Neon
  • Everybody will start the day with yoga (Students are encouraged to bring mats or a towel for yoga)
  • Plus a healthy thought for the day.


  • Students and staff will wear jerseys and sweats
  • Students will bring in healthy snacks that are creative and fun. Each class will pick a winner. Then principals will vote on their favorites.


Wednesday: (2 hour Sports Day)

  • Students and staff will wear mismatched clothing
  • Boys will start the day off with Zumba
  • Girls will start the day off with Tae-bo
  • Each grade will get a designated time and events for 2 hours out of the day to be active.

Thursday: (FALCON DAY)

  • Students and staff will wear their designated color of red, green, blue, or yellow.
  • The school will participate in a pep rally at the end of the day with games, prizes, and a chance to help their team win the Falcon Spirit Stick.

We know that we can count on your support to encourage our students to participate and get excited about Falcon Week.



PE Department.