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18 April, 2019 IPS Community Note

Published: April 17, 2019

Dear IPS Community,


As we move into these last two-and-a-half weeks, we are focused on a successful ending to this very busy school year.  This is the year of our first IB-DP graduating cohort, and the year we say goodbye to our current campus!  We would like to remind you that students will be working hard as they end their final units, and complete their projects and presentations.  As always, YOU will be invited to join us for many of the final learning activities before our students move into the long summer.


Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

o    April 14-18  Last week for borrowing books from the library for students

o    April 17  Last day for after-school activities.

o    April 18  KG1 Spring Performance for Parents.

o    April 21  KG1 and KG2 Portfolio Parties - teachers will notify you of your time slot.

o    April 23  G6  PYP Exhibition - hosted in the EuroVillage Cafe from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM.

o    April 24  Grade 12 Last Day of Classes and Grade 12 Checkout Procedures

o    April 25  KG2 Graduation

o    April 27 Class of 2019 Graduation Ceremony.

o    May 1 LAST day of school

  • Grades 7-11 released at 10:00 am as per Semester Test Schedule
  • Grades KG1- 6 will be released at 1:30 after all our elementary students have celebrated with Splash Day hosted by the IPS PTA!  

           o    May 7-23 IB World Exams for Grade 12. 

We are proud to have you as important members of our IPS community, and look forward to your return at the end of the summer for the opening of a new and exciting chapter in the 20-year history of IPS!  Enjoy your summer.


Very warm regards,


IPS Administration