23April2018 & IPS as 2017-18 Finishes

Dear IPS Community,


Throughout the school, students and their teachers (you folks at home too!) are working to bring our school year to a successful conclusion.  We hope you have opportunities to be with us in these next few weeks to celebrate the work of students - it IS really so much fun to hear the understandings our students have developed AND to listen to their reflections on their journey this year.


We would like all of you to join us in reflection about IPS - your school.  We have a lot of which to be proud and want to continuously improve.  The IB programs are launched, students have been engaged as never before, and we are on the verge of moving into our new school - - and there is SO much more to do!  Please take time to complete the survey that will be sent via email.  This will help us target improvements moving forward and is an essential part of our Middle States Association (MSA) Accreditation.


Your input matters - thank you for your time to complete the survey!


A few dates to keep in mind:


  • May 6-10:        Last week of Library Classes
    • All library and resource center materials must be turned in.  
    • No checkouts (borrowing) of any/ all resources.
    • May 13-14 - Library closed, start of inventory.
  • May 8:             G6 Exhibition - hosted in the EuroVillage Cafe throughout the day
  • May 10:           KG Graduation
  • May 10 & 11:  HS Art Exhibition at Desert Designs (open for ALL - please come!)
  • May 12:           Senior Graduation
  • May 14:           Final Day for Students - dismissal @ 12 PM
    • Announcement of STUCO Eboard Members 2018-19
  • May 15-24:      IPS Faculty/Staff on campus w/ Ramadan Hours
    • Office hours 10 AM - 2 PM
  • May 24:           Reports sent electronically to Families
  • TBD after May 24:  Final ‘print’ reports & records -
    • families involved will be notified when these are ready for collection in our offices.


Thank you for being with us this year - we look forward to seeing you on campus in these next few weeks.



Jim Leahy & IPS Administration