IPS Saudi National Day & Open House 20Sept, 2018


Dear IPS Students, Families, and Faculty/Staff,


Please join us in thanking SALT and our students for a very smooth and tasty experience last Wednesday and Thursday - that was a fun way to finish the third week of school at IPS!


This week and next we will see a focus on Saudi National Day through our Saudi Social Studies classes in all areas of the school.  IPS will observe this day on Sunday, September 23 and school will be closed.


1.      Supporting all of this our Student Council (STUCO) will sponsor the following:

    1. 19 - 24 September, 7-7:35AM - Saudi National Day items (flags, badges, etc.) will be sold at the front gates.  Proceeds will go towards the purchase of more Arabic books for the library.
    2. 20 September - Saudi National Day

                                          i.    Dress in Green/White

                                         ii.    Dates and Arabic coffee will be served in the morning

    1. 24 September - Saudi National Day + Pastry Monday

                                          i.    Dress in traditional Saudi clothing

                                         ii.    Bring 6SR for cheese/zaatar bread


Also, on Thursday, September 20 we cordially invite ALL parents to join their children at school for our IPS Open House (click for details).  All students are requested to “bring your parent to school” to share learning and classes.  This will be an exciting day in a format never tried before; we hope you can join us if for only a little while.


These are busy times at IPS and we thank you for being with us this year.




Jim Leahy with

IPS Administration;

Saudi Social Studies Faculty; and