Mission, Beliefs, Graduate Profile

Our Mission

In partnership with the school community, the mission of the International Programs School is to:

  • Engage students from diverse cultural backgrounds in a comprehensive, American and international college preparatory program, that challenges, and encourages high expectations for success.
  • Empower students to become independent, critical thinkers with the skills to participate positively in a global society.
  • Promote understanding, tolerance, and compassion for others, and develop students of integrity and principle.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that every child is a unique individual with potential for growth.
  • We believe that the best learning and teaching takes place in a safe and orderly environment that is free of prejudice, violence, and bullying.
  • We believe in students striving to achieve their full potential guided by caring, professional staff.
  • We believe that the skills to utilize technology are essential to prepare students for the future.
  • We believe that all students are responsible for active participation in their own learning.
  • We believe in developing responsibility and service to others by modeling and teaching ethical and moral issues.
  • We believe that high standards of excellence in teaching are necessary to challenge students.
  • We believe in respectful, honest, and constructive communication among all members of the school community.

Graduate Profile

International Programs School graduates are academically, intellectually, and technologically competent. Through creativity and innovation, they are able to conceptualize, analyze, and solve problems. Expressing themselves intelligently and interestingly both orally and in writing, they possess the necessary 21st century skills to advance to a higher level of education and be successful in the school of their choice.

Furthermore, they have the ability to be productive members of society. Being adaptable to change they are capable of thinking independently as well as working and engaging in teams.

Being able to take risks and explore new ideas they are able to accept, appreciate, and work in harmony with culturally diverse peoples and able to inspire and motivate others.

Our graduates are responsible for their actions. While reflecting on their own performance, they will be successful in their personal goals. They selflessly serve to make the world a better place and are instilled with the desire to use their education to serve society.