DP - Grade 11/12

IPS is an authorized Diploma Program (DP) school offering 2-year long DP courses at the standard (SL) and higher (HL) levels which culminate with external IB examinations in May of the second year.  IPS offers the following subject choices for grades 11 and 12. 

IPS will offer the following subject choices: 

Group 1:

Language & Literature

English (SL / HL)

Group 2:

Language acquisition

Arabic (SL / HL)

Arabic ab initio SL

Group 3:

Individuals & Societies

History (SL / HL)

Business Management (SL/HL) - G11 only

Group 4:


Biology (SL / HL)

Chemistry (SL / HL)

Physics (SL / HL)

Group 5:


Math Studies (SL) - G11/12

Mathematics (SL) - G11/12

Mathematics (HL) - G11 only

Group 6:


Visual Arts (SL / HL)


All grade 11 IPS students start as IB diploma candidates taking six IB classes (3 standard level and 3 higher level) and Theory of Knowledge, as well as completing all CAS and EE requirements.  Students’ final  IBDP candidacy status will be determined by the Diploma Program Coordinator (DPC) in consultation with the school administration, teachers, parents, and student.  Students will graduate with one of the following degree combinations,

IPS diploma + IBDP diploma

IPS diploma + IBDP individual subject certificates

IPS diploma


HS Course description booklet

G11/12 Brochure