PYP Specialist Subjects

Students' Art Work

Alongside the core curriculum, IPS offers a number of specialist subjects. These include:

  • Art: in the PYP years, art includes practice in the elements of art and artistic design, intertwined with art history. Units focus on particular artists and periods, and emphasize art appreciation.

  • Physical Education: Health and Physical Education is offered to all students excluding DP students, and is focused on both individual skill development and team sport activities.

  • Languages: Arabic is taught throughout the PYP years for one period a day. Students are placed into Arabic A or Arabic B based on their proficiency. [See Language Policy]  Starting in Grade 6 students have the option to either continue Arabic classes or begin taking Beginner’s French.

  • Computer Studies is taught from kindergarten through 6th grade. It integrates and extends the work being done by the classroom teachers and develops the students’ computer skills and technological adaptability.