IPS Vacancies

Last Update February 11,  2019


Due to the completion of our fantastic new facilities, IPS is expanding and requires the following Teachers and Administration Staff to join our dedicated team of professionals


Admin Support, Starting date (Immediately):

·         Basketball Coach [Male required; temporary part time position]


Admin Support, Starting date (August 4, 2019):

·       School Nurse [Male & Female required; Saudi preferred]

·       Learning Assistant for PE & lifeguard [Female required;Saudi preferred]


Faculty, Starting date (August 4, 2019):

·        KG1-G3 PYP Homeroom Teachers [Female required]

·        G4-G5  PYP Homeroom Teachers [Male & Female required]

·        G6-G8 Generalist Classroom Teachers [Male & Female required]

·       MS Boys’ Math/Science Classroom Teacher [Male required]

·       MS Girls’ Math Classroom Teacher [Female required]

·        IB & HS Boys’ English Classroom Teacher [Male required]

·        MS/HS Boys’ Social Studies/History Classroom Teacher [Male required]

·        MS/HS Girls' English Classroom Teacher [Female required]

·        HS Boys’ IB & HS History [Male required]

·        MS History Classroom Teacher [Male & Female required]

·        IB History Classroom Teacher [Male & Female required]

·        IB & HS Boys IB Science/Chemistry & IB Physics[ [Male required]

·       IT/Business Studies Classroom Teacher [Male required]

·       Physical Education Classroom Teacher [Female & Male required]

·       Electives (Reading & ATL) Classroom Teacher [Male required]

·       French + Electives Classroom Teacher [Male required]

·        Arabic Language / Islamic Studies / Islamic Culture / KSA Social Studies Classroom Teacher [Male required; Saudi Preferred]


Vacancies for Saudi Citizens, Starting date (August 4, 2019):

·         Islamic Studies Classroom Teacher [Female required]

·         Arabic Language Classroom Teacher [Female required]

·         Learning Assistant [Female required]

·        Admin Assistant [Male required]

·         Permanent Substitute Teacher [Male required]

·         Receptionist [Female required]



**To be considered candidates must:

  1. Love kids and speak English;
  2. Possess a robust sense of humor and copious amounts of patience
  3. Have IB training/experience OR be willing to attend training before or soon after arrival.
  4. Have current certification and/or training with 2+ years of recent experience (preferably international with IB), be able to provide current supervisor contact information, and to have PROOF of clear police and medical backgrounds;
  5. Understand and apply the elements of creating an effective classroom/workplace and be able to demonstrate application of best practice in learning/teaching/working methodology;
  6. Demonstrate superior technology skills (Google for Education) and create innovations in this area;
  7. Desire to be a part of concept based and backwards by design curriculum/institution development with an enthusiastic approach to improving school collaboration and efficiency;
  8. Want to lead co-curricular and athletic programs with students and to actively seek responsibilities outside the regular job assigned.

International candidates must be citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. Other nationalities might be considered upon presentation of international qualifications and valid teaching license. Candidates should send complete resumes with cover letter and references to IPS Human Resources  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Positions will be posted first on the IPS webpage, then with Search Associations, ISS, and TIE, and in databases with Queens University and the University of Northern Iowa.  School hiring teams and the Director will interview qualified candidates at IPS and via Skype/Hangout as soon as they are identified.  IPS will attend recruiting conferences throughout the year.