14 April 2017 IPS Community Note

Dear IPS Families,


Our return from the Term Break finds us now VERY actively into the 3rd and final term of the school year.  These are exciting times to be a part of IPS!  Keeping track of ALL that’s happening and helping everyone meet all the deadlines and obligations is a challenge for ALL of us - let’s work together to support and cheer student and teacher efforts.


A year’s worth of learning and planning will culminate in activities, shows, projects, papers, presentations, conferences, and (yes) exams ALL within the next 10 weeks!  We’ll send from our offices updates and reminders (like this one) as well as notices (like the ones early this week); all of this will be noted on the IPS Events and Activities Calendar available on the website;  teachers will send information through their bulletins - - - in the end, OUR most reliable source of information should be the students!  THEIR enthusiasm for THEIR work is infectious and hard to miss - let’s join with and CHEER our kids as they grow and learn.


Here are some of the wonderful activities and events coming soon:

·  Saturday, April 15:  STUCO Family Soccer Tournament (Grades 2-6 boys + 4-8 girls).

·  Sunday, April 16:  CLUBS - Grades 1-3 ES Clubs will be cancelled due to faculty PYP training.

·  Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings, April 18 & 19:  IPS Art Show (all grades!) in the EuroVillage Cafe.

·  Thursday, April 20: STUCO International Day - many details in the calendar on the IPS web page.

·  Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, April 24-26:   IPS Book Fair.  This is a collaboration between the IPS Library and IPS Parent Volunteers.  Please come help your child select books for summer reading -

o To attend the Book Fair with your child during the class visit, see class schedule LINK here.  Please be prompt, since classes adhere strictly to the assigned timings

o OR, a special PARENT time is set aside on Tuesday, March 25 between 2:00 and 4:00 when you may also visit the Book Fair.  Please note that students who are waiting for you to join them after early release will not be supervised.  

·  Thursday, April 27:  KG2 Graduation photos - further information will come from KG teachers.

·  Thursday, April 27: STUCO Annual Variety Show - Selected student acts will perform for their peers during the school day. Approved acts will practice April 18, 19, and 25 from 3-4PM.

·  Friday & Saturday, April 28 & 29:  Google Bootcamp @ IPS! Twenty pairs of students and teachers will be working with Google trainers to develop their skill sets with Google Applications and apply those skills to social entrepreneurship projects.   This is an exciting “first ever” event for IPS!


The weather is warming and our ‘lost and found’ collection has grown with many jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters.  Please take a moment to visit these collections to re-claim your belongings.  Uncollected clothing will be donated to charity.  Thank you for sending kids to school in proper uniform (please label with child’s name), hats for sun protection, and reuseable water bottles.


Yes, it is busy!  A good busy for sure.  Please work with kids (and yourselves) to ensure proper rest, nutritious meals with lots of hydration, WITH a positive and cheerful approach to all the challenges forthcoming.  This is fun!  Thanks for being with us this year.


We look forward to seeing all of you at our school’s various events.



IPS Administration