15Oct2017 IPS Community Note - Health and Safety Reminders


Dear IPS Families,


We are writing to put in one place some important concepts that are scattered throughout our policies and procedures.  It is our hope to ensure health and safety for all members of our community.  If explanation in Arabic is desired, please call our offices and our staff will assist.   للاستفسار باللغه العربيه الرجاء التواصل مع إدارة المدرسة للمساعدة                                                                                                                                                 


Visiting School -

  1. We welcome you to school with open arms!

  2. At all times, please enter through the front gates and register with security.

  3. Start your visit in our offices ‘checking in’ with staff before proceeding to your intended destination.


Dismissal of Students from School -

  1. In/around the parking lot we strive to keep moving children separate from moving traffic.  It is for this reason that we insist that cars be IN the parking lot for children to enter the car.  Walking to cars parked in other locations is not permitted.

  2. Drivers - please help all drivers know this procedure.  Please also insist YOUR driver observe our NO SMOKING policy anywhere near the school or in the parking area.  Finally, please request that your drivers NOT clear their noses or spit into the parking area - we all agree this is not healthy for others.


Students Leaving School in the middle of the day -

  1. We value the time we have with children and want to maximize our minutes with them.

  2. We respectfully request that any/all appointments be scheduled after school or on weekends.  We understand this may not always be possible.  If a child needs to be picked up in the middle of the day, we ask you to call or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  no later than 8AM on the day of the appointment - we will make arrangements to have children ready for pick-up.  Parents or drivers should report to the office to collect children.

    1. At all times (except dismissal), children MUST be collected from the office.

    2. Parents, guardians, and others MUST first come to the office.  

    3. We do not want to interrupt classroom instruction - please do NOT go directly to classrooms.

  3. Any student who feels ill must report to the Health Office with a pass from the classroom teacher.  We are prepared to offer a wide range of care with our nurse.  Our nurse will notify parents if going home or further medical attention is advised.

    1. Students should ONLY use their phone on campus for teacher directed learning experiences.

    2. Calling/texting is not permitted during the day.  IF communication home is desired, students should come to school offices for assistance.

    3. This is particularly true if a child is not feeling well!  They should go to the nurse FIRST!


Deliveries to school -

  1. IPS students are responsible for their learning AND all of their materials.

  2. We do not accept deliveries for students during the school day.


School Closure - in general, please assume IPS is always open as per regular schedule(s)......unless…...

  1. IPS will follow Ministry of Education recommendations regarding emergency school closures.  While rare, these are generally suggested when travel to/from schools is dangerous due to heavy rain or dust - let’s all hope for a ‘good weather’ year!  You will hear this through official news broadcasts or official social media.  IPS will follow with an email as soon as possible.

  2. There may be times when IPS will close for IPS-specific emergency reasons.  If this is the case, you will receive an email from administration as well as a phone call from IPS Homeroom Teachers.

  3. For most of these situations, IPS will conduct ‘virtual days’ through Google Classrooms (and/or email) in an effort to continue learning even if the school campus is not available.


Thank you for being with us this year!



IPS Administration