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Vacancy Detail

TitleIBDP Physics Teacher
Department/Grade LevelScience
Employment Statusfull-time
Work Days / Hours7:30am-4pm
Eligible Applicantsinternational
Position Start Date01-08-2023
Application Deadline30-06-2023
Vacancy CodeVAC-00015


The primary function of the classroom teacher is to facilitate the development of the student in the cognitive, affective, ethical and physical domains of his/her growth. To this end the teacher will provide an educational program for the students, and will assist in other school programs as required by Board policy and contractual obligations.

Job Duties

  1. Actively promote and model the Mission, Beliefs and Graduate Profile of IPS

  2. Determines with the relevant administrator appropriate learning objectives for the class, taking into account the school’s course of study and the assessed needs of the students 

  3. Establish and maintain a positive, respectful and constructive relationship with students, parents and colleagues. 

  4. Plans appropriate learning experiences for individual, group and class instruction 

  5. Develop Unit plans in collaboration with colleagues  and present to Curriculum Coordinator when required;

  6. Monitors student progress and evaluates the student’s achievement in relation to learning objectives 

  7. Reports individual student's progress to parents and school personnel through the preparation of reports and/or of conferences

  8. Creates, a functional, safe, attractive and physically comfortable environment to the extent possible 

  9. Maintains professional competence through participation in in-service educational activities provided by the school and/or self-elected professional growth activities 

  10. Performs basic attendance accounting, record keeping and clerical services as assigned 

  11. Assists in the selection and requisitioning of books, instructional aids and supplies to the extent possible. 

  12. Establishes and maintains acceptable standards of students behavior 

  13. Administers any school testing program required by the administration 

  14. Participates in curriculum development, program planning, school evaluation processes, and other faculty committees as required by the school administration 

  15. Shares in the sponsorship of student activities 

  16. Plans and coordinates the work of aids, and teacher assistants where appropriate 

  17. Works with colleagues, ancillary staff, parents and community agencies in matters of mutual concern 

  18.  Participates with the administration to develop a continuous improvement plan for both the individual teacher and the school 

  19. Attend and participate in all faculty meetings and general student assemblies and evening and weekend programs as appropriate.

  20. Be available to accommodate parents and students seeking after school appointments.  Attend all assigned parent conferences.

  21. Accept responsibility for extracurricular activities and provide 2 after school clubs per year.

  22. Perform other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Knowledge

  1. Bachelor degree (minimum) and certification (desired) in related field

  2. Knowledge and experience with curriculum planning, teaching and class management       

  3. Recent IBDP training          

Experience and Skills

  1. International experience

  2. IB background

  3. Strong classroom management

  4. Good communication skills

  5. Independent working habits

  6. Strong organizational skills

  7. A positive, cooperative attitude

  8. Creativity and resourcefulness


Open Application

Please apply here if you are unable to find a suitable vacancy and interested to be considered for future vacancies.

Please contact us at ipscareers@ipsksa.com if you face any problem with completing the job application.