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Vacancy Detail

TitleIBDP Coordinator
Department/Grade LevelHigh School
Employment Statusfull-time
Work Days / HoursSunday - Thursday 7:30AM - 4PM
Eligible Applicantsinternational
Position Start Date01-08-2022
Application Deadline31-03-2022
Vacancy CodeVAC-00080


The DP Coordinator is the official contact between the school community (administration, teachers, parents and candidates) and the IBO, and therefore responsible for partnering with school administration and International Baccalaureate as an instructional specialist, learning facilitator, school leader, and catalyst for change.

Job Duties

Plan and manage the implementation and development of the DP program and all related activities.  These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Communication with members of the school community at large

    1. Senior administration and teachers

      1. Inform / guide the senior administration team and teachers regarding time allocation to ensure that subjects meet the IB recommended minimum number of teaching hours.

      2. Ensure proper coordination for EE, CAS, and TOK components

        1. Informing supervisors and students about the extended essay requirements, the guidelines and assessment criteria

        2. Monitoring the CAS coordinator’s program implementation and record keeping

      3. Perform additional, related duties as detailed in the  Diploma Programme:

      4. Coordinating and leading professional development activities for DP staff, and facilitating implementation of the DP by providing teachers with access to,

        1. relevant subject-specific information sections of the IB Handbook,

        2. information about changes to courses of study and assessment requirements,

        3. the OCC (online curriculum center),

        4. the Coordinator’s notes, and 

        5. opportunities for IB professional development.

      5. Collaborating with teachers in planning and practice to better support their understanding of the DP

      6. Support and mentor new staff

      7. Provide opportunities for peer assessments and observations


  1. Collaborating with the curriculum coordinator in the process of curriculum review and update of current educational resources for program development

  1. Students and Parents

    1. Developing the DP culture by informing and guiding regarding,

      1. the learner profile,

      2. IB mission,

      3. curriculum and assessment requirements,

      4. subjects offered by the school

      5. advising students on subject selections

      6. informing about the IB Diploma Programme General Regulations

      7. enlisting parental support for achieving academic honesty

  1. Administrative responsibilities

    1. Examinations

      1. Register candidates for the May examination session

      2. Guarantee a safe storage place for assessment examination papers

      3. Informing students and invigilators about examination procedures and regulations

    2. Budget

      1. Propose and implement the DP budget

      2. Developing and submitting a DP budget to the Director

      3. Monitoring expenditure from the budget

      4. Paying fees to the regional billing office

      5. Purchasing and distribution of IB publications

      6. Monitoring CAS and TOK budgets

Release time, support and resources:

  1. The DPC will have 50% release time to carry out assigned duties

  2. The DPC will be supported by Principals and Director as described in the organizational chart

  3. IPS Board of Governance agrees to provide full financial support for the implementation and delivery of the Diploma Program

Qualifications and Knowledge

  1. Master’s degree or higher, preferably with educational training in curriculum and instruction.

  2. Previous curriculum leadership experience with or in international schools, ideally those with an IB and US curriculum orientation. Experience with school accreditation.

  3. Direct experience with IBDP  and concept based; backwards by design curriculum design and development.  Full understanding of best practices in all curricular areas.

Experience and Skills


  1. Full fluency in English.  Knowledge of Arabic preffered.

  2. Clear and concise writing ability; good communication skills and able to make presentations comfortably.

  3. Good interpersonal skills to work with faculty and administration.

  4. Independent working habits; ability to analyze and synthesize; strong organizational skills; s positive, cooperative attitude; creativity and resourcefulness.

  5. IT literate


Open Application

Please apply here if you are unable to find a suitable vacancy and interested to be considered for future vacancies.

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