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Vacancy Detail

TitleMS/HS French Teacher & CAS Coordinator
Department/Grade LevelMiddle and High School
SubjectFrench + CAS
Employment Statusfull-time
Work Days / HoursSunday - Thursday 7:30AM - 4PM
Eligible Applicantsdependent
Position Start Date15-08-2022
Application Deadline30-06-2022
Vacancy CodeVAC-00081


The Creative, Activity and Service Coordinator reports to the DP Coordinator, and is responsible for the leadership and development of the CAS program at school providing dynamic and supportive leadership with the CAS program and fostering a positive environment for staff and students.

Job Duties

  1. Is fully knowledgeable regarding the CAS program, program submissions and the evaluation of candidates as described in the CAS guide while paying special attention to

    1. Students journals

    2. CAS advisors / supervisors duties and responsibilities

  2. Ensures that all students are clearly informed regarding the aims and objectives set out by the IBO guide in order to fulfill the CAS requirements

  3. Ensures that all students are supported, mentored and have feedback throughout the program while ensuring that  the  school  administration  and  staff  involved  have a clear understanding of the rationale for CAS and support it as an integral part of the Diploma Programme.

  4.  Maintain consistent and meticulous CAS activities records following CAS guide requirements.

  5.  Keeps the DPC appraised of students’ progress in CAS

  6. Identifies possible CAS projects and activities within and outside the school, and provide guidance to staff and students on suitability of CAS activities

    1. Allows students to create their own activities appropriate to the overall objectives

    2. Establish links with the local community, to give the students an insight into the society in which they live

    3.  Establish  a  broad  CAS  structure,  giving  the  opportunity for  each  student  to engage in varied, challenging and meaningful activities

    4. Continually re-appraise the relevance of the overall range of CAS activities to the needs and interests of the changing student body

Qualifications and Knowledge

  1. Master’s degree or higher, preferably with educational training in curriculum and instruction

  2. Previous curriculum leadership experience with or in international schools, ideally those with an IB and US curriculum orientation. Experience with school accreditation.

Experience and Skills

  1. Direct experience with IB PYP, MYP, and DP (as appropriate) and concept based; backwards by design curriculum design and development.  Full understanding of best practices in all curricular areas

  2. Full fluency in English.  Knowledge of Arabic desired

  3. Clear and concise writing ability; Good communication skills and able to make presentations comfortably

  4. Good interpersonal skills to work with faculty and administration

  5. Independent working habits; Ability to analyze and synthesize; Strong organizational skills; A positive, cooperative attitude; Creativity and resourcefulness


Open Application

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