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Vacancy Detail

TitleJunior Accountant/Cashier
Department/Grade LevelBusiness Office
Employment Statusfull-time
Work Days / HoursSunday - Thursday 7:30AM-4:00PM
Eligible Applicantssaudi-national
Position Start Date02-10-2022
Application Deadline30-10-2022
Vacancy CodeVAC-00089

Job Duties

  1. Fee cash collections

  2. Handle all cash collections from students

  3. Deposit cash with Treasury Manager

  4. Cash payments - Fee Refunds

  5. Handles all cash refund to Students / Parents

  6. STUCCO,Year Book,MUN etc.

  7. Disbursements (Payroll advances..etc)

  8. Cash reconciliation 

  9. FINACS Posting 

  10. Cash reconciliation with FINACS

  11. Cover other responsibilities within the finance office as needed

  12. Perform additional related duties as assigned


Open Application

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