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Tuition Fees


Grade Enrollment Fee 
Annual Tuition 1st Installment 
(due Aug 16, 2021)
2nd Installment
(due Jan 16, 2022)
KG1 SAR 4,000.00 SAR 33,000.00 SAR 16,500.00 SAR 16,500.00
KG2 SAR 4,000.00 SAR 43,000.00 SAR 21,500.00 SAR 21,500.00
G1-G4 SAR 4,000.00 SAR 47,000.00 SAR 23,500.00 SAR 23,500.00
G5-G6 SAR 4,000.00 SAR 49,000.00 SAR 24,500.00 SAR 24,500.00
G7-G8 SAR 4,000.00 SAR 51,000.00 SAR 25,500.00 SAR 25,500.00
G9-G12 SAR 4,000.00 SAR 56,000.00 SAR 28,000.00 SAR 28,000.00

Vat 15% to be added to the original fees for Non- Saudis:


VAT 15% on Enrollment Fee 

VAT 15% on Annual Tuition 
VAT 15% on 1st Installment 
VAT 15% on 2nd Installment
KG1 SAR 600.00 SAR 4,950.00 SAR 2,475.00 SAR 2,475.00
KG2 SAR 600.00 SAR 6,450.00 SAR 3,225.00 SAR 3,225.00
G1-G4 SAR 600.00 SAR 7,050.00 SAR 3,525.00 SAR 3,525.00
G5-G6 SAR 600.00 SAR 7,350.00 SAR 3,675.00 SAR 3,675.00
G7-G8 SAR 600.00 SAR 7,650.00 SAR 3,825.00 SAR 3,825.00
G9-G12 SAR 600.00 SAR 8,400.00 SAR 4,200.00 SAR 4,200.00
  • Additional fees at G12 for IB exam charges


  • Above fees are quoted in Saudi Riyals. Tuition fees include the use of books.
  • Tuition fee discounts are given to parents with three or more children
    • 25% discount for the third child
    • 50% discount for the fourth, fifth and sixth child
  • Students are allowed to attend school only after 1st instalment tuition fees have been paid.
  • Tuition/Fee refunds for Early Withdrawal AND obligations for Late Entry/Acceptance will be based on semester (2 times per year) attendance. If a student attends up to 20 days of a semester, semester tuition will be prorated by week. If a student attends 20-40 days of the semester, 50% semester tuition is refunded. If a student attends 40 or more days of a semester, full semester tuition applies and there is no refund.
  • Parents are responsible to pay fees related to IBDP World Exam Registration in November of the Grade 12 Year. Specific student fees will be assessed and communicated after the registration process is completed in late October of the Grade 12 Year.
  • Payment may be made by Wire Transfer or Bank Draft to the following
Account Name International Programs School Co.
Bank Name Riyad Bank
Account # 3160751039940
IBAN # SA22 2000 0003 1607 5103 9940
  • Personal checks are not accepted.

Contact Info

International Programs School, Prince Sultan Road, Qurtoba, Al Khobar 34236, Saudi Arabia


Located within the Eurovillage Compound in Al Khobar, IPS offers an exceptional education for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. The school is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, and is licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Education.