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The Student Council

The Student Council is a student government organization. It provides a means of expression through which students are able to have their voices heard about school affairs. New volunteering, community service and leadership opportunities are some of the advantages and benefits afforded to members.

In addition, students can enjoy taking a leadership role in planning, organizing, and executing school-wide activities and social events for the student body throughout the academic year. Over the course of last year 2019-2020, StuCo ran events such as the Senior Girls Lock-in, International Day, Manaeesh Monday, and Breast Cancer Awareness week.

It is also important to underscore that these events have proven to be morale-boosters and have helped the school community to grow closer with the move from the old campus to the new. In conclusion, StuCo has been able to keep the IPS students heavily engaged in beneficial educational and character-building activities that contribute to keeping the Falcons spirit alive and well.

For more information send us an email at studentcouncil@ipsksa.com.

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