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IPS Getting Ready for the New School Year 2019-20

Published: August 08, 2019

We are so excited to meet all of you on September 1st on our new campus. In preparation for the new school year, we have a few pointers we would like to share with you as you prepare your child for the next school year:

Grades KG-5

  • Backpacks: Since we are moving into the beautiful 3-story buildings on our new campus, we require that all elementary school students not buy backpacks with wheels. Our PYP program does not entail students using heavy textbooks that would go to and from school on a regular basis.  Students should not need to carry larger sized bags up and downstairs. Please have your child bring a NON-WHEELED backpack to school each day.
  • School Supply Lists: AlZamil Store will continue to prepare supply packets ordered by our teachers as they have in the past, but the packets must be purchased and picked up IN STORE this year. We will not be providing any distribution of the bags on campus. Bags are already prepared and ready to take home when you choose to purchase at the AlZamil store.
  • Adeem uniforms: All uniforms are ready for purchase at the store. Please keep in mind to check out the new blue trousers for girls that we have added as an option for those who want it. 
  • Hats:  Please keep in mind that we will strictly enforce the “No Hat - No Play” rule for all students in
    • KG1-Grade 5.  Students will be required to wear a hat during recesses when outdoors for their own safety.
  • Shoes:  For student safety, please ensure that your child wears closed-toe shoes each day.  Flip-flops and CROCS are not safe on stairs or while running and playing. 


Middle and High School Students

  • Supplies: All students should come to school on the first day with general stationery supplies like pens, pencils, and paper, as well as a charged laptop computer. I have included the Technology Requirements as a reminder for you here. 
  • Please know that 6-12 teachers will be sending materials lists home during the first week of school for special items.
  • Backpacks: As a reminder, the new building has many flights of stairs and you will need to carry your backpack up and down.  For this reason, backpacks with wheels are not allowed at IPS. Please choose a backpack that you can easily carry and that will fit into the hallway lockers.
  • Uniforms are available at Adeem.  Uniforms are in stock and available now. Please keep in mind the new blue trouser that is available for girls that we have added for those who would like it. 
  • Closed-toe shoes are a required part of the uniform.  Remember that Crocks, sports slides, and flip-flops are not safe on the stairs, at recess, in science classes, or while in PE.  For these safety reasons, please make sure that all students are in closed toe shoes at school. 


We are counting down the days to seeing you all at IPS. Enjoy your last month of summer!