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Important Announcements March 11, 2024

Published: March 10, 2024

 Announcement 01

Invitation to Registration in the IPS Choir 

We are excited to announce the opportunity for your daughter/son to audition for the International Program School's Choir, a wonderful musical experience where students can showcase their vocal talents and become a member of the school's choir.

The program for choir team members will be organized as follows:

  • Event: International Program School's Choir.
  • Grades: Grade 4 - Grade 12
  • Day: Sundays (From April 21st 2024 onwards)
  • Time: 2:50 PM to 3:50 PM
  • Location: Music Room (C215) and School Theater.

Registration Requirements

  • Each student wishing to join the choir is expected to record a 1-3 minutes audio or video clip of their singing. The student can choose the language they prefer for their recording.
  • The choir audition recordings will be evaluated by our school's music teacher. Students who are selected to become members of the IPS choir will be contacted later via email.
  • Please take a moment to complete the consent form by clicking on the following link Here.  

We value your support and encouragement in nurturing your child's passion for music and teamwork. Thank you for being a part of our school community.



 Announcement 02

Term 2 Report Card Parent Communication MS/HS 

If you have any specific inquiries about their exams or second-term grades, please reach out directly to their respective teacher.

Our primary goal is for every student to thrive and reach their fullest potential. However, if your child did not pass the final exam or term, there are options available for credit recovery (see below for protocol). Students in grades 7-12 who faced challenges in the final exam or term grades will have an opportunity for recovery from March 25-28. The schedule will be communicated in advance with students and families. In the meantime, your child should attend support sessions with his or her teacher every Monday from 2:00-2:30.

We extend our best wishes for your child's success in the second trimester!

  • Credit Recovery Policy

Grade 6 Students Failing the Final Exam or Term

Grade 6 students who failed the final exam or the term, will attend three remedial classes on Mondays from 2:00-2:30. 

Grades 7-12 Students Failing the Final Exam or Term

If a student in grades 7-12 fails the final exam or term, he or she will be required to complete a recovery exam. Exams will only be 50 minutes long. Teachers will create this exam based on each student’s needs. The recovery exam(s) will be scheduled at least two weeks after the final exam. Recovery exams are capped at 60%, when a student passes the recovery exam, they will earn a maximum exam score of 60% on the exam.

In order to offer additional support to students, students may attend office hours for support held on Mondays from 2:00-2:30.

If a student does not pass the recovery exam:

  • A meeting will be held between the Principal, parent, teacher, and student and an academic plan will be put in place
  • A second recovery assessment will be completed by the end of the term 
  • If students fails more than one course and fails two credit recovery exams, the Head of School will meet with the family, and decide whether students may be asked to transfer out of the school or repeat the grade level

Students with an Unexcused Absence During Final Exams

If a student has an unexcused absence during final exams, they are not eligible to take the scheduled make-up exam within the normal exam testing schedule. Students will earn a ‘0’ for the exam that they missed, and then complete the recovery exam. If a student passes the exam, they will earn a maximum exam score of 60%.