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Vacancy Detail

TitleSafety and Facility Coordinator
Department/Grade LevelAdministration
Employment Statusfull-time
Work Days / HoursSaturday - Thursday
Eligible Applicantsinternational, saudi-national, dependent
Position Start DateImmediate Start
Application Deadline31-05-2023
Vacancy CodeVAC-00094


Responsible for managing and implementing the high standards of safety and security services on campus and managing maintenance of all school buildings, including janitorial services, preventative maintenance, and landscaping for the acre campus.

Job Duties


  1. Ensure facilities are in good repair and provide a safe environment

  2. Manage and supervise the campus security-safety program including the training of contracted employees, the implementation of school security/safety procedures

  3. Coordinating with Al Suwaiket contracting representative for any maintenance and constructional work on the school campus.

  4. Perimeter security force; ensure all needs are met in order to allow them to perform their assigned duties;

  5. Manage, supervise to assure maximum traffic and parking safety for students and staff arriving and leaving the school premises; supervise security,parking and traffic for evening and weekend events on school premises;

  6. Lead in the periodic review and revision, documentation, communication, policies and procedures

  7. Develop and implement crisis management 

  8. Plan and emergency procedures

  9. Perform periodic and thorough inspections of the school premises with maintenance and security supervisors;

  10. Demonstrate sound and mature judgment and respect the strict confidential procedures associated with various aspects of accident review and investigation;

  11. Coordinate use of school facilities with staff and community groups; communicate with users and assist the public as necessary

  12. Maintain all emergency and security systems

  13. Provide supervisory leadership in coordination for all activities related to the school buildings and grounds, including custodial, maintenance , and security

  14. Maintain and update the school fixed assets inventory

  15. Monitor facilities reservation and work order systems; ensure faculty and staff needs are being met in a timely manner in relation to these systems

  16. Perform other responsibilities as might be assigned by the Head of School.

Qualifications and Knowledge

  1. Bachelor’s degree in a field of education ( facilities management, safety management, project management) or field experience in one or more of these areas.

  2. Experience in field, preferably with school facilities management

Experience and Skills

  1. Excellent English Language skillsProficient in both English and Arabic is highly preferred.

  2. Ability to handle emergency situations in a calm and decisive manner

  3. Excellent supervision and communications skills

  4. Attention to detail

  5. Strong organizational skills


Open Application

Please apply here if you are unable to find a suitable vacancy and interested to be considered for future vacancies.

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