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Vacancy Detail

TitleStudents Counselor
Department/Grade LevelStudents Support
Employment Statusfull-time
Work Days / Hours7:30am-4pm
Eligible Applicantsinternational, dependent, dependent
Position Start DateImmediate Start
Application Deadline31-05-2023
Vacancy CodeVAC-00027


The School Counselor shall promote and enhance the learning process through continuously assessing students, teacher, parental needs, identifying situations that may be hindering student success, and advocate for support and assistance in effectively dealing with those situations.

Job Duties

  1. Promote community awareness of available guidance and counseling services 

  2. To work collaboratively with faculty and staff to identify and place students with different needs.

  3. To work collaboratively with faculty and staff to design and implement individual educational plans for students with different needs.

  4. Assisting teachers in the development of individual behavioral management techniques 

  5. Meeting with individual students having social, emotional, or behavioral difficulty 

  6. Meeting with small groups of students to promote friendship and positive problem solving strategies.

  7. Orienting new students and assisting with their adjustment to school 

  8. Consulting parents on issues affecting their child’s academic, social and emotional growth.

  9. Referring students and parents to appropriate community resources when needed and working with external agencies and experts in supporting students and their families. 

  10. Administer diagnostic testing 

  11. Interpret and explain testing programs to teachers, parents and students 

  12. Clarifying the screening procedures and results of social, emotional, and /or behavior assessment 

  13. Working in conjunction with the Admission’s Office and coordinating the admissions process through interviews where necessary, evaluation of previous school records and decision-making process involving other departments within the school.

  14. Assisting in decisions regarding appropriate educational placement of students during and following the admissions process 

  15. Maintaining confidential, accurate student files 

  16. Developing school-wide crisis protocols and serve on crisis management

  17. Continuing professional development by attending “best practice” workshops 

  18. Facilitate professional development workshops about the field of different needs

  19. Providing intervention services during crisis situations 

  20. Write student recommendations

  21. Demonstrate involvement in classes related to character education, values, decision making

  22. To attend all meetings called by the principals or director

  23. To assist the Principals and Head of School with other appropriate tasks as needed 

  24. Perform additional, related duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Knowledge

  1. Bachelor's degree (minimum) and certification (desired) in a related field.

  2. Knowledge and experience with school counseling, students academic and emotional support and diagnostic testing management

Experience and Skills

  1. Clear and concise writing ability.

  2. Good communication skills and able to make presentations comfortably.

  3. Good interpersonal skills to work with faculty and administration.

  4. Independent working habits.

  5. Ability to analyze and synthesize.

  6. Strong organizational skills.

  7. A positive, cooperative attitude.

  8. Creativity and resourcefulness.


Open Application

Please apply here if you are unable to find a suitable vacancy and interested to be considered for future vacancies.

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