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Vacancy Detail

TitleLab Technician
Department/Grade LevelAdministration
Employment Statusfull-time
Work Days / Hours7:15am - 3:45pm
Eligible Applicantssaudi-national, dependent
Position Start DateImmediate Start
Application Deadline31-12-2023
Vacancy CodeVAC-00065


Support the work of science teachers and their students by providing technical support, and work closely with students to explain or demonstrate experiments or how to use equipment, as well as helping teachers with a class and supporting individual students on research projects.

Job Duties

  1. Keep a binder, divided by grade levels, of all laboratory experiments including lab assistant notes and remarks for future reference. 

  2. Maintain laboratory booking calendar for multiple locations across buildings and grade levels.

  3. Keep track of materials that have been signed out (teacher / grade level / activity / dates).

  4. Keep up to date inventories for equipment, manuals, and chemicals and their safety sheets.

  5. Report any missing requested materials to the teacher within 24 hours of the request.

  6. Prepare all materials needed for the lab (including solutions) a day prior to the date of the lab.

  7. Run experiments, when required, ahead of time to identify and correct protocol weaknesses.

  8. Once an activity is completed, remove all lab equipment in a timely fashion.  However, it is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure students leave equipment rinsed (when appropriate) and organized.

  9. Notify teachers if students break or damage equipment during a lab activity.

  10. Assist in regular lab supervision.

  11. Know the location of and how to use the cut-off switches and valves for the water, gas, and electricity in the laboratory.

  12. Know the location of and how to use all safety and emergency equipment (i.e., safety shower, eyewash, first-aid kit, fire blanket, fire extinguishers and mercury spill kits).

  13. Schedule (at students’ request) and supervise makeup lab sessions.

  14. Order local supplies: chemicals, equipment, glassware and other consumables.

  15. Assist the school Purchasing Agent in tracking down/locating for order specialized equipment for science. 

  16. Keep track of orders and arrivals.

  17. Date and label all newly arrived chemicals and equipment.

  18. Maintain accurately labeled cabinets / drawers / storage areas in the prep room as well as in the lab.

  19. All equipment / glassware / chemicals should be properly stored at all times when not in active use.

  20. Schedule yearly maintenance for specified equipment such as microscopes.

  21. Perform additional, related duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Knowledge

  1. Bachelor degree (minimum) and certification (desired) in a related field.

  2. Knowledge and experience with school laboratory support.                            

Experience and Skills

  1. Clear and concise writing ability.

  2. Good communication skills and able to make presentations comfortably.

  3. Good interpersonal skills to work with faculty and administration.

  4. Independent working habits.

  5. Ability to analyze and synthesize.

  6. Strong organizational skills.

  7. A positive, cooperative attitude.

  8. Creative and resourceful.


Open Application

Please apply here if you are unable to find a suitable vacancy and interested to be considered for future vacancies.

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