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After School Clubs

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement 

A program that inspires our learners to lead a healthy active lifestyle, guide  creative activities, grow and reach their full potential  by offering a diversity of fun and vital learning opportunities in a safe environment. 

Mission Statement 

Inspire children to thrive.

Administration of Programs

Club Directors : 

  • Teachers are welcome to apply to HR for the position at the beginning of the year .

  • The Club directors will be then chosen by the Head of School.


  • Principals will help the Club directors oversee the running sessions.  

Hours of Operation

  • Clubs will run from 2:55 PM to 3:50 PM
  • Mondays are assigned for the ES clubs .
  • Wednesdays are assigned for the MS/HS clubs.

Program Information 

  •  The program offers four sessions during the Academic years. 

  • The dates and length of each session will be determined at the beginning of each year based on the Academic Calendar.

  • Clubs are cancelled during holidays.

  • MS/HS clubs are cancelled during the exam period. 

The Program: 

  • Provides  a variety of sports activities, mental and physical health  experiences, performing arts, academic support, STEAM projects. 

  • Provides a safe environment for learners to thrive. 

  • Is  student centered and is run by staff members  .

  • The ratio is 10 students to 1 teacher. 

  • Some clubs require a participation fee , assigned by the club facilitator. 

Attendance and Dismissal Policy

  • Pick Up: Students must be picked up on time at 3:50pm. There is NO supervision provided beyond activity time.

  • School Hours: Please work out transportation before your child’s scheduled club, the office closes at 4:00pm.

  • Club Removal: If a student has 2 late pick-ups, after 4pm, they will be removed from the club. 

  • Siblings: We do not provide sibling supervision when a brother or sister is involved in clubs/athletics. Siblings who do  not attend a club must leave at the regular dismissal time.

  • Students may not attend clubs if they were not present during the school day. 

Important Notes: 

  • Students will be allowed to change clubs ONLY during the Drop/Add period which is the first two weeks of each session. 

  • Clubs will NOT be counted as an extracurricular activity in the report card if a student misses more than two periods per session.  

Teachers’ requirements/exemptions : 

  • Teachers should complete two clubs per year . ONE club ONLY per session . 

  • LAs and HoDs are not required to run clubs . 

  • Nursing moms are not required to instruct a club. 

  • Grade 5 Teachers are only required to instruct 1 club per year, due to PYP exhibition time requirements. 

  • Teachers with extra gate duties are not required to instruct clubs. 

  • Teachers running co-curricular clubs  ( MUN, STUCO, NHS) are not required to instruct clubs. 

Enrollment Procedures. 

  • Parents will be required to sign up their child through the Afterschool club website. 

  • A confirmation email will be sent to parents insuring the child spot in the desired club.

  • Student’s will be asked to sign up for the next session if they miss the sign up deadline. Exceptions  to the sign up deadline will be made only for emergency or medical excuses.  

  • By enrolling the child, parents would have given their consent .

Payment Policy 

  • Some clubs require a participation fee , assigned by the club facilitator. 

  • Money is collected by the Homeroom teachers and handed to the clubs’ directors. 

  • Funds will be allocated to the instructors for purchasing supplies.

  • If fees are not settled on time , the student will be removed from the club.

  • Instructors are required to submit receipts and extra money to clubs’ directors at the end of the session. 

Discipline Policy

  • Students attending clubs  are expected to follow the school's discipline policy. 

  • Students may be removed from the program due to poor academic performance or behavior issues at school. 

Medical Emergencies

  • Nurses are present on campus in case of any medical emergencies. 

  • Normal Medical policy will be followed during Club time. 

Fire and Crisis Drills

  • School protocol will be followed.